Sunday, 20 November 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi guysss
:) Thanks to Kimberly of Nail Reflections I've been  I've had the Versatile Blogger Award passed on to me :) I'm so happy because I really like her blog and its nice to know someone is enjoying my posts too :D

Apparently there are a few rules for this award...
The first being you have to 7 things about yourself...
The second, you have to nominate 15 other bloggers :D

So here's my 7 facts about me :)
  1. I'm really addicted to shopping recently, I think I need to have my bank card taken from me.
  2. I've applied to do Animal Behaviour at University :o
  3. I love Misfits, Vampire Diaries and True Blood :)
  4. I'm very accident prone and have knocked myself unconscious a number of times :$
  5. I'm pretty shy when it comes to meeting new people
  6. I have a tiny bedroom that struggles to contain my endless purchases :D
  7. and finally I have a fab boyfriend and a great bunch of mates who all make my life great :)
And here are my nominations *ta-dah*
These are the blog I enjoy :) Their creativity is what inspires me :) plus its nice to have a nosey at what every one does ;)